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HipSaver Track Pants

Stylish Hip Protection for Active Seniors

Perfect for both women and men, both HipSaver Track Pants have the same all-soft hip protectors and the same proven hip protection as other HipSaver garments, but in a comfortable, casual style. 


HipSaver Track Pants are smartly designed in classic navy blue. Both are pre-shrunk to fit properly and like all HipSaver products, HipSaver Track Pants are easy to wash and dry. Simply throw them in with your regular load of coloured laundry. 


Five hip sizes and two lengths offer a perfect fit for any active body. The loose ankle hem on HipSaver Track Pants keeps pant legs from binding and provides added comfort as you move through your daily walk or run. HipSaver's all-soft AirPad® technology allows for a tapered, stylish fit that blends with your body shape while giving you superior hip protection. 


As well as HipSaver's superior hip protection both HipSaver Track Pants are also available with added tailbone protection. Constructed of the same material as HipSaver hip protection, HipSaver tailbone protection provides you with additional security if you should fall backwards.


HipSaver Track Pants are additionally offered with specially designed, flexible, jointed knee pad wraps to further protect you in the event of a forward fall. HipSaver garments offer you increased mobility with less worry and afford you the ability to move safely through your day with confidence. Stay active with HipSaver protection garments!


Model Options:

  • Hip Protection with Tailbone Padding

  • The tailbone padding is made of the same materials as the hip pads. The tailbone pad provides extra protection for people who tend to fall backward.

  • Hip Protection with Knee Pads

  • Specially designed flexible, jointed knee pad wraps around the knee for proper positioning

  • Hip Protection with Tailbone Padding and Knee Pads