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Personal Hygiene Aid

Multipurpose, portable aid for toilet paper, bathing, shaving, or applying ointment.
  • $134.93

    Freedom Wand Master Kit

    Brand: FreedomWand The FreedomWand is the next best care practice because it helps people reduce their stress, improve their hygiene and hel...

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  • $50.44

    FreedomWand Strap Only

    Benefits Of The Strap Helpful for a person with limited hand strength or limited gripping abilities such as someone with arthritis or a little...

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  • $52.44

    FreedomWand Head Only

    FreedomWand Head Replacement- use one for toileting and one for grooming. The two biggest reasons people order the extra heads is for multi use...

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  • $24.14

    FreedomWand Handle Only

    Handle replacement part for the FreedomWand® Toilet Tissue Aid. Sold individually.The Handle replacement part can come in handy for the followi...

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  • $52.44

    FreedomWand Extension Only

    Did you purchase a FreedomWand® Toilet Tissue Aid and need it just a bit longer? Purchase an extra extension! This will add an additional 4 inc...

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  • $43.69

    FreedomWand Carry Bag

    Unique from other toileting aids, the FreedomWand is portable and comes apart in three pieces which can be carried with you where ever you need...

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