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Incontinence Pants Premium Night time Disposable Absorbent Pull Ups (Carton)

Brand: Tranquility

Our best performing disposable underwear! Holds over a quart of liquid for uninterrupted sleep. The soft, breathable fabric has an ample full-rise waist panel and tear away side seams. Features Kufguards inner leg cuffs for leakage protection. Blue leg elastics denote overnight protection on medium, large, & X Large . Why Tranquility? Urinary incontinence is a common condition that affects millions of people in Australia Leaking urine or losing bladder control can affect people of all ages and both genders. Incontinence is not a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying problem. Tranquility products are designed with premium technology to provide a better well-being for not only our product users, but the people that provide care to these users. Odour reduction One of the most distressing, yet prevalent characteristics of incontinence is the telltale ammonia odor of urine. Due to Tranquility's products quick retention of urine, the bacteria is neutralized and the odor is greatly reduced. Skin dryness Moist skin is prone to irritation, breakdown and the formation of pressure sores. Tranquility products instantly absorb moisture and trap large volumes of urine that will not be "forced out" even under pressure. The result is drier skin. The Peach Mat Guarantee Tranquility products' peach-colored core symbolizes the promise of unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of skin dryness, odour reduction, urine neutralisation and inhibition of bacterial growth. Urine pH neutralization The pH levels of urine have a caustic effect on skin. Tranquility products quickly capture urine and neutralize the pH to promote a healthy environment for the skin. Inhibition of bacterial growth Unabsorbed urine is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms. This can easily lead to complications, such as urinary tract and skin infections. Tranquility products lock away urine, depriving the bacteria of a place/condition to thrive and create a safer skin environment. Premium capacity An average person voids approximately 8-12 fluid ounces of urine. Many Tranquility products are engineered to hold 2 or more voids depending on the individual (voiding patterns). Premium performing products build the confidence to pursue normal daily activities, and improve periods of uninterrupted.Tranquility high performance products provide the extra care that end-users need and demand. In Australia Tranquility Incontinence Products are registered by HealthSaver with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such are listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as a Class 1 Medical Device. Registration Number 242004. Sorry - we're out of stock of sizes M and L in this product.