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Lift Off Lap Cushion

Brand: Skil-Care

Great for fall-risk residents, the Skil-Care lift off lap Cushion is a positioning aid that helps remind the resident to ask for help when standing. Designed with easy-release Velcro securing straps, the lap cushion features a foam padded interior for comfort and a durable, wipe-clean nylon cover for easy care.Offers positioning assistance and helps resident remember to ask for help when standing whilst providing a place to rest hands or personal items. Available for 40-46cm wheelchairs and 51-56cm wheelchairs.

Features. Foam padded cushion. Vecro® securing straps. Easy-release red loop closures. Durable, wipe-clean nylon cover. Restraint free

Cleaning Instructions. Use a spray cleanser and a damp cloth or sponge. A mild disinfectant can be used for hygiene