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  • $85.00

    1" thick Vinyl Bed Rail Pads

    These extended height bed rail pads protect against bruising and entrapment between the rails and or mattress. • Prevents bruising from metal bed ...

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  • $34.00

    3/4 Finger Gloves - Medium Weight. Keep hands warm with Raynauds. UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Pair)

    Brand: Limbkeepers Limbkeeper Gloves are a preventative solution to help protect fragile skin on hands from abrasions, skin tears, and bruis...

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  • $118.00

    45° Bed Positioning Wedge

    MPN: 10 A pair of 45º bed positioning wedges. • Reduces sacral pressure toprevent decubitus ulcers • Aids in the managemen...

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  • $90.00

    Adult Liners (Carton of 20)

    Brand: Tranquility Thin, moisture-proof backed liner is worn in regular underwear for a discreet appearance. Adult line...

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  • $47.95

    Adult Waterproof Cast Protector Below Knee Injury Protector

    Brand: LimbO A waterproof cast protector for injuries below the knee. The Limbo seals 10cm above the knee Sizing : Measure circumference ...

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  • $9.95

    ALIGN Glucose Monitor

    Portable Glucometer. About the size of a 50 cent piece, this portable glucometer fits easily into your pocket and attaches directly to your smartp...

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  • $97.90

    Anti Wandering Stop Strip Alarm

    This magnetic door alarm reduces unauthorised exits and entrances by visual and audio alerts. Important part of restraint reduction program. Direc...

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  • $66.00

    Anti-Reflux Wedge

    Doctors recommend upper-body elevation for GERD relief • Specially designed wedge decreasesnight time reflux and heartburn • ...

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  • $175.00

    Anti-Thrust Cushion

    This Cushion prevents residents from sliding out of the wheelchair and simultanously prevents pressure sores. • Anti-thrust barrier...

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  • $874.50

    Anti-Wandering System

    All-in-One    This “All in One” Anti-Wandering Door Bar System functions with just a door alarm and a resident wristband. Simply mount the door m...

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  • $100.00

    Bariatric Disposable Briefs (Carton of 32)

    Full-fit brief with breathable stretchy side panels comfortably fits up to a 96” waist The soft, cloth-like outer layer is...

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  • $423.50

    Bathroom Emergency Call System

    Easy Installation   The 2017-SYS Emergency Call Light System includes a wireless nurse call button with pull cord, reset button, and call alarm w...

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  • $19.95

    Beanie to fit HeadSaver

    Brand: HeadSaver This traditional beanie Perfect for HeadSaver fits just right on the head protector and also keeps your head warm in winter! This ...

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  • $167.00

    Bed Rail Protector Pads Vinyl

    Brand: Skil-Care For those caregivers who prefer to use bed rails to prevent bed falls and to provide assistance in resident re-positioning ...

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  • $185.00

    Bed Rail Protector Wedge Pad Half Rail

    Brand: Skil-Care 89cm long bed rail wedge pads to fill the gap between side rails and mattress. Seizure risk residents or patients ...

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  • $285.00

    Bed Rail Wedge Pad Full Rail

    Brand: Skil-Care The wedge design fills the gap which may cause entrapment between the side rail and mattress of a nursing home or hos...

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  • $215.00

    Bed Support System With Attached 30° Bolster

    This positioning bolster system combinestwo 30º bolsters and a detachableabsorbent pad. • Absorbent pad has a non-skid bottom an...

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  • $107.25

    Bed/Chair Exit Alarm

    Full-Function / Great Value!    The Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Monitor is a Full-Function, Low Cost fall alarm monitor designed for use with all Sm...

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  • $185.00

    Bedside Fall Crash Mat Droppies

    Brand: Dutch Blue The Droppies falls protection mat is excellent in situations where there is a risk of someone fall...

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  • $85.00

    Bedwetting Alarm Monitor

    The HealthSaver bed wetting alarm monitor or enuresis alarm monitor is for incontinence issues in the elderly or children. It has a volume switch...

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  • $65.00

    Bedwetting Sheet Large

    HealthSaver Bedwetting sheet size 51cm x 76cm for use with the Healthsaver Bedwetting Alarm BWA PA 40 3. Place the bedwetting sheet on top of the...

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  • $50.00

    Bedwetting Sheet Medium

    HealthSaver Bedwetting sheet size 42cm x 54cm for use with the Healthsaver Bedwetting Alarm BWA PA 40 33. Place the bedwetting sheet on top of th...

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  • $26.00

    Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper

    A universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper made from comfortable foam with slip resistant design • U...

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  • $29.95

    Blood Glucose Test Strips

    Designed for Accuracy and Ease iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips 2019 version: EGS-2003 Sold separately from iHealth Glucometers (ALIGN and SMART)...

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