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Incontinence Products

Urinary incontinence is a common condition that affects millions of people in Australia Leaking urine or losing bladder control can affect people of all ages and both genders. Incontinence is not a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying problem. Tranquility products are designed with premium technology to provide a better well-being for not only our product users, but the people that provide care to these users.
  • from $110.00

    TopLiner Booster Pads

    Thin design allows for placement in target areas where additional absorption is needed. Booster Pads are made of absorbent...

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  • $110.00

    Bariatric Disposable Briefs (Carton of 32)

    Full-fit brief with breathable stretchy side panels comfortably fits up to a 96” waist The soft, cloth-like outer layer is...

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  • from $44.00

    Thinliner Moisture management Sheets

    100% breathable, soft cloth-like sheets reduce skin-on-skin friction. Collects, absorbs and retains moisture Soft, supple,...

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  • $104.50

    Topliner Booster Contours (Cartons)

    Wide hourglass shape helps contains bowel. Soft texture and no adhesive strip makes cleanup easier. TopLiner Booster Conto...

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  • $60.50

    Personal Care Pad "Super" (Case of 100)

    The Super Personal Care Pads are individually packaged for hygiene protection. The soft peach core and 2 embossed channels...

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  • $49.94

    Incontinence Bed Pads

    Brand: Medlogics Medlogics re-useable incontinence bed pads offer premium protection, comfort and are re-useable. The tuck in wings allows t...

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  • $76.25

    Bedwetting Alarm Monitor

    The HealthSaver bed wetting alarm monitor or enuresis alarm monitor is for incontinence issues in the elderly or children. It has a volume switch...

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  • $71.50

    Bedwetting Sheet Large

    HealthSaver Bedwetting sheet size 51cm x 76cm for use with the Healthsaver Bedwetting Alarm BWA PA 40 3. Place the bedwetting sheet on top of the...

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  • $55.00

    Bedwetting Sheet Medium

    HealthSaver Bedwetting sheet size 42cm x 54cm for use with the Healthsaver Bedwetting Alarm BWA PA 40 33. Place the bedwetting sheet on top of th...

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