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HipSaver Interim - Immediate Safety & Hip Protection

At HipSaver, we encourage professionals to be very careful in their selection of any hip protection products. That means assessing the particular needs of each client.


HipSaver Interim is the perfect solution for hip protection as you implement each patient's individual falls protection programme. Because it is not underwear, HipSaver Interim need not be patient specific. Yet, like all HipSaver products, HipSaver Interim provides reliable and comfortable hip protection for your patients while you assess their specific hip protection needs.


HipSaver Interim provides is ideal for:

  • New admissions

  • Acute care and short stay patients

  • Residents with temporary changes in risk factors


HipSaver Interim comes in sizes from S to XL and is also available with additional tailbone protection, which provides additional security for those patients who are at high risk of falling.


Use HipSaver Interim as a 'stop gap' component of your Falls Safety Programme while you order regular HipSaver for ongoing hip protection. Keeping just a small supply of HipSaver Interim in stock ensures that you can provide seamless hip protection for every patient at risk of hip fractures due to falls.


Hip Saver Interim gives you the time you need to determine which HipSaver model is best suited for each resident. It also allows you to demonstrate the softness, comfort, and freedom of movement that HipSaver wearers enjoy. HipSaver Interim helps you to achieve easier acceptance of more permanent HipSaver products, especially for those patients who may have experienced discomfort with other types of hip protection products or have other concerns that discourage their compliance with hip protection.


(Note: Because HipSaver Interim is designed for temporary hip protection, it is not available in starter kits)