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Skil-Care Foam / Gel Comfort Products

  • $29.70

    Protective Sleeves for Fragile Legs

    Brand: Skil-Care Breathable cotton-blend Lycra protects against skin tears.Leg sleeves prevent skin shea...

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  • $148.50

    Gel Chair Overlay

    This Gel Overlay uses a water-based gel cushion to relieve interface pressure at coccyx and ischial (20”W x 18” D). It has air-flow...

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  • $64.99

    Number-Colour Association Pad

    Brand: Skil-Care The number-colour association pad offers many educational opportunities. •...

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  • $115.99

    Wavy Activity Tray

    Brand: Skil-Care These tactile and visual stimulation trays address the improvement of eye-hand...

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  • $28.60

    Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper

    A universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper made from comfortable foam with slip resistant design • U...

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  • $63.80

    Wheelchair Leg Protectors

    Brand: Skil-Care Protects legs against skin tears & bruises. Soft, durable neoprene pads wrap ...

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  • $29.70

    Protective Sleeves for Frail Skin on Arms

    Brand: Skil-Care The Geri-Sleeve's new extra heavy stockinet maintains the integrity of the skin on t...

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  • $68.20

    Elbow Protector Pad

    Brand: Skil-Care The Skil-Care elbow pad protectors are designed to flex naturally with resident's arm to i...

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  • from $107.80

    Foot and Heel Elevator

    Brand: Skil-Care Aligns the legs while simultaneously relaxing the spine. Off loads the heels for prevention o...

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  • $107.80

    Foot Drop Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care . The supportive plastic inner splint controls plantar flexion, which effectively controls foot ...

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  • $53.90

    Foot/Heel Elevator

    Eliminate heel pressure with a foot elevator that is covered with perspiration absorbing cozy cloth. • Provides necessa...

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  • $126.50

    Heel Float Walker Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care Enables residents or patients to stand, pivot and transfer. The water-based gel insert lowers press...

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  • $93.50

    Wipe Clean Heel Float Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care When no pressure can be on the heel, this heel float suspends the heel over an air cavity to relieve a...

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  • $85.80

    Heel Protector Pressure Relief

    Brand: Skil-Care Floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure Provides air circulation to aid healing of existing ...

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  • $42.88

    Skil-Care Ultra Soft Heel Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Filled with resilient spun fibre Extra padding with seamless construction under heel. Covered with soft laun...

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  • $247.50

    Leg Abductor Cushion

    A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that comfortably keeps legs in abduction and prevents hip rotation and sliding. • Firm...

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  • $192.50

    Anti-Thrust Cushion

    This Cushion prevents residents from sliding out of the wheelchair and simultanously prevents pressure sores. • Anti-thrust barrier...

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  • $203.50

    Ultra Cushion - Level and Wedge

    The ultimate in pressure relief, redistribution, comfort and support with an added firm foundation that levels all hammock wheelcha...

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  • $214.50

    Thin Line Conform Cushion

    A low-rise gel-infused visco foam cushion that provides pressure relief and redistribution while aiding in posture control. • Gel-I...

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  • $207.90

    Foam/Air Cushion

    Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion is a pressure relief and redistribution cushion that provides the softness of air on the top and the sta...

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  • $218.90

    Lateral Positioning Cushion

    Firm Foundation to eliminate pressure caused by sling seats. Elevated side corrects left or right leaning. High density foam core a...

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  • $350.90

    Slide Guard Gel Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Foam pommel controls sliding by eliminating posterior pelvic tilt Water based gel lowers interface pressure &am...

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  • $115.50

    Visco Cushion Topper

    Brand: Skil-Care Up grade your cushion! Pressure relieving Visco foam topper Low-shear wipe clean outer cover reduces skin damaging...

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  • $203.50

    Gel Foam Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Double chamber construction relieves pressure for heavy patients Stable design promotes sitting comfort Gel flotation...

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