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Bed/Chair Exit Alarm


Full-Function / Great Value! 


The Smart Caregiver TL-2100B Monitor is a Full-Function, Low Cost fall alarm monitor designed for use with all Smart Caregiver Corded Pads and Mats. This is a high quality product at a great, everyday value.


Auto-Reset Function


Monitor can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair, connected to a corded sensor pad. The sensor pad is placed under the resident. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed from the pad, the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver.  When pressure is re-applied to the pad, the monitor will automatically silence and reset for use. 


Monitor Can be Set to Silent


Monitor can be set to silent when using an existing nurse call system and additional nurse call cord. 


Optional AC Adapter






-Adjustable volume control – Monitor can be set to silent if used with existing nurse call system.

-Auto-Reset: Monitor automatically resets when pressure is re-applied to connected pad or mat.

-Nurse call port – connects monitor directly to existing nurse call system.

-Low battery & status indicator lights.

-Battery Operated (1-9Volt, Not Included).

-Optional 9V DC Power Adapter (AC-02).

Download Sell Sheet (Click Here)


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