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DUAL Recordable Voice Fall Monitor


Unique Dual Purpose Alarm


The TL-3100V DUAL Recordable Voice Monitor works as a pull-string monitor OR sensor pad monitor and can easily be transferred from bed to wheelchair and back, thus eliminating the need for multiple monitoring devices.  The alarm alerts when the magnetic pull-string is pulled free of the monitor or when pressure is removed from weight-sensing pad.  Monitor automatically resets when the magnetic pull cord is replaced or when pressure is re-applied to the connected sensor pad.


Personalized Recordings


Eliminate startling alarm noise by recording a personalized message to be played back when the alarm is activated.  With up to 15 seconds of playback time available, you can record a melody or familiar voice to be heard as the alert sound, such as “Please sit down Mrs. Jones, help is on the way.”


Always On Means Always Ready


This Monitor was designed without an ON/OFF switch, which means it is ALWAYS ON and cannot be turned off.  Caregivers use the easily accessible Alarm Reset Button to silence the alarm and attend to resident needs without the potential for accidentally leaving alarm off.


Optional AC Adapter


AC-05 (6V DC Power Adapter)




Professional Grade

Dual Functions


Pad Lost, Low Battery & Monitor Status Indicator Lights

Nurse Call System Ready

Monitoring Options:

Corded Bed Pad

Chair Pad

Floor Mat

Seat Belt

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