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Economy Cordless Fall Monitor


Low Cost Solution


The Economy CordLess® Fall Prevention Alarm provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 100m.  Ideal for home or small facility use.


Easy To Use


The Economy CordLess® Exit Alarm is simple-to-use and works with all our CordLess® Sensor Pads & Mats, Nurse Call Buttons, and Motion Sensors. The monitor is light-weight and can be paired with up to six (6) wireless components to serve as a portable caregiver alert.


Remove Noise From The Room


Monitor can be mounted away from the bed, removing in-room alarm noise and reducing entanglements and tripping hazards.  Adjustable volume and gentle chime alert won’t startle residents and offers QUIETER fall prevention.


Optional AC Adapter






– Affordable & effective wireless monitoring

– Easy set up and operation

– Works with all our CordLess® Sensor Pads & Mats, Nurse Call Buttons, and Motion Sensors

– Monitor up to six (6) components with one alarm

– Adjustable volume

– Battery Operated (3-C, Not Included)

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If you require installation and user training, please call us on +61 492 835 058 or send a message via Contact Us, our sales team will contact you shortly.