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Skil-Care Skin Protectors

Pressure ulcers and pressure sores associated with the geriatric residents usually appear over bony prominences and those individuals who are bed or chair-bound, or those with impaired ability to reposition themselves are more susceptible. Factors such as impaired circulation, nutrition, mobility, pressure and shear forces often result in skin tears, and pressure ulcers.

Fortunately most skin tears and pressure sores can be prevented with a careful nursing plan that considers special products that assist in patient positioning, skin protection and off-loading of pressure on bony prominences. All individuals at risk should have systematic skin inspection and healthcare professionals should consider products that minimize pressure, friction and shear forces through proper positioning, transferring, turning, and off-loading of critical areas.

  • $29.70

    Protective Sleeves for Fragile Legs

    Brand: Skil-Care Breathable cotton-blend Lycra protects against skin tears.Leg sleeves prevent skin shea...

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  • $148.50

    Gel Chair Overlay

    This Gel Overlay uses a water-based gel cushion to relieve interface pressure at coccyx and ischial (20”W x 18” D). It has air-flow...

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  • $28.60

    Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper

    A universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper made from comfortable foam with slip resistant design • U...

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  • $63.80

    Wheelchair Leg Protectors

    Brand: Skil-Care Protects legs against skin tears & bruises. Soft, durable neoprene pads wrap ...

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  • $29.70

    Protective Sleeves for Frail Skin on Arms

    Brand: Skil-Care The Geri-Sleeve's new extra heavy stockinet maintains the integrity of the skin on t...

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  • $68.20

    Elbow Protector Pad

    Brand: Skil-Care The Skil-Care elbow pad protectors are designed to flex naturally with resident's arm to i...

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  • from $107.80

    Foot and Heel Elevator

    Brand: Skil-Care Aligns the legs while simultaneously relaxing the spine. Off loads the heels for prevention o...

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  • $107.80

    Foot Drop Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care . The supportive plastic inner splint controls plantar flexion, which effectively controls foot ...

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  • $53.90

    Foot/Heel Elevator

    Eliminate heel pressure with a foot elevator that is covered with perspiration absorbing cozy cloth. • Provides necessa...

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  • $126.50

    Heel Float Walker Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care Enables residents or patients to stand, pivot and transfer. The water-based gel insert lowers press...

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  • $93.50

    Wipe Clean Heel Float Boot

    Brand: Skil-Care When no pressure can be on the heel, this heel float suspends the heel over an air cavity to relieve a...

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  • $85.80

    Heel Protector Pressure Relief

    Brand: Skil-Care Floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure Provides air circulation to aid healing of existing ...

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  • $42.88

    Skil-Care Ultra Soft Heel Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Filled with resilient spun fibre Extra padding with seamless construction under heel. Covered with soft laun...

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