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Wheelchair Cushions

Skil-Care is an innovative force in cushion design, development, and manufacturing technology. Since water based gel is very effective in weight distribution (maximising interface contact area), reduction of shearing forces and heat build-up, Skil-Care has chosen to take the lead in offering a wide sampling of gel cushions in addition to other materials.
  • $247.50

    Leg Abductor Cushion

    A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that comfortably keeps legs in abduction and prevents hip rotation and sliding. • Firm...

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  • $192.50

    Anti-Thrust Cushion

    This Cushion prevents residents from sliding out of the wheelchair and simultanously prevents pressure sores. • Anti-thrust barrier...

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  • $207.90

    Foam/Air Cushion

    Skil-Care Foam Air Cushion is a pressure relief and redistribution cushion that provides the softness of air on the top and the sta...

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  • $218.90

    Lateral Positioning Cushion

    Firm Foundation to eliminate pressure caused by sling seats. Elevated side corrects left or right leaning. High density foam core a...

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  • $350.90

    Slide Guard Gel Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Foam pommel controls sliding by eliminating posterior pelvic tilt Water based gel lowers interface pressure &am...

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  • $115.50

    Visco Cushion Topper

    Brand: Skil-Care Up grade your cushion! Pressure relieving Visco foam topper Low-shear wipe clean outer cover reduces skin damaging...

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  • $369.60

    Contour Plus Cushion With Gel

    Brand: Skil-Care Low-rise barrier controls forward thrust to prevent slidingConvex base eliminates sling-seat hammocking & lowers sea...

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  • $193.60

    Foam Wedge Wheelchair Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care High density foam provides comfort & reduces pressure. Incontinent proof wipe clean vinyl cover.Polyester cover removes...

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  • $82.50

    Pressure Check Foam Cushion

    Skil-Care Pressure-Check Light and Heavy Foam Cushion is a pressure relief and redistribution cushion that has a dual sided checkered foam design t...

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