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Wheelchair Positioning & Accessories

The products in this section address the need for comfort and good posture while sitting in a wheelchair for prolonged periods of time. Good posture is an advantage for the resident since it enhances comfort and maximises the opportunity to complete normal tasks. Proper position also contributes to reduction and prevention of pressure sores by distributing interface pressures.
  • $137.50

    Universal Chair Side Wings

    The universal chair side wings can beplaced in any wheel or geri-chair andprovide comfortable lateral positioningcontrol for the resident. • Impro...

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  • $86.90

    Standard Headrest

    A headrest that adapts to any chair with an extended back. • Can be used for all high-back wheelchairs,geri-chairs, and recliners • Foam support p...

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  • $71.50

    Wheelchair Leg Pad

    An economical wheelchair leg pad that prevents legs from slipping behind the foot rest. • Prevents resident’s feet fromslipping off footrests • Ne...

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  • $324.50

    Lateral Support Orthosis

    This removable, rigid orthosis support provides superior lateral control in most wheelchairs. • Contoured plastic frame provides firmsupport under...

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  • $42.90

    Urinary Drainage Bag Holder

    Brand: Skil-Care Effective for lower extremity positioning. Raises footrest for improved posture & seating alignmen...

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  • $188.10

    Footrest Extender For Wheelchair

    Brand: Skil-Care Effective for lower extremity positioning. Raises footrest for improved posture & seating alignmen...

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  • $176.00

    Wheelchair Leg Rest With Padded Sides

    A foam padded rigid support that correctly positions the legs on any wheelchair. • Prevents the legs from falling off the sid...

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  • from $73.70

    Skil-Care Oxygen Cylinder Holder

    Brand: Skil-Care Fits all push handle wheelchairs. Durable nylon for long lasting quality. Easy to insert & remove cyl...

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  • $63.80

    Wheelchair Leg Protectors

    Brand: Skil-Care Protects legs against skin tears & bruises. Soft, durable neoprene pads wrap around wheelchair footrest ...

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  • from $57.20

    Lift Off Lap Cushion

    Brand: Skil-Care Great for fall-risk residents, the Skil-Care lift off lap Cushion is a positioning aid that helps remind the re...

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  • $141.90

    Wheelchair Flip Tray

    Brand: Skil-Care A wheelchair flip tray that mounts to most wheelchairs and provides a flat surface that can hold dishes, artwork,...

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  • $68.20

    Snug Support

    This dual sided support fills gaps in a wheelchair and can also be placed on any side of the wheelchair for promoting proper sitting post...

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  • $170.50

    Lateral Body Support with Gel Insert

    Brand: Skil-Care Lateral Body Support This Vertical support stabilises thetorso to control leaning in a wheelchair or rehab chair. Foam-c...

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  • $195.80

    Wheelchair Adjustable Lateral Support

    Brand: Skil-Care Minimises lateral leaning in wheelchairs & most other chairs. Foam padded sides adjust laterally for a custom fit. Will...

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  • $85.80

    Transfer Belt - Padded

    Brand: Skil-Care Skil-Care Transfer Belt with Adjustable Handles offer enhanced protection and convenience for bo...

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