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Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors


Accurate blood pressure monitoring right at home.

A sensor in the iHealth® Feel detects for irregular heartbeats and if detected, a heart icon with double brackets will be displayed with your pulse results.

Key features:

  • Completely cordless and wireless.
  • Store your readings on your smartphone via Bluetooth. No more writing down and losing readings.
  • View results instantly and learn more about each measurement.
  • Check if your blood pressure is in the normal BP range.
  • Take notes on the app and record your mood or activity with each measurement.
  • Store results in a digital logbook.
  • Set reminders to measure your blood pressure
  • Export your data as CSV, XLS or PDF to share with your doctor.
  • Feel can take 80 measurements on a single charge and recharging only takes 90 minutes.
  • The onboard memory can hold up to 200 measurements.
  • Cuff size 22cm - 42cm
  • XL large cuff available: 42cm - 48cm


If you require installation and user training, please call us on +61 492 835 058 or send a message via Contact Us, our sales team will contact you shortly.