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Wireless Central Monitoring Unit


Eliminate In-Room Alarm Noise


The Smart Caregiver 433-CMU Central Monitoring Unit allows you to monitor multiple Wireless sensor units from one central location, such as a Nurses’ Station.  This eliminates bothersome in-room alarm noise & significantly reduces the tripping hazards associated with corded units.


Know Who Needs Help


Upon activation, the Central Monitor alerts audibly and the display visually indicates which resident originated the alarm.  At a glance, this provides caregivers with the detailed information they need to protect their patient population.


Real Time Pager Notification


The Central Monitor communicates instantaneously with any number of 433-Pager Units, and upon activation, the pager audibly alerts and LCD screen displays which sensor unit activated the alert.  This enables caregivers to attend to their traditional duties yet be alerted in real time that a resident needs assistance.




-Alarms audibly & visually at central location and portable caregiver pager(s).

-Compatible with all 433mhz Wireless Components.

-40 & 60 Channel Capacity Models available.

-Range up to 100m.

-Systems may be pre-programmed prior to  delivery or easily re-programmed using the provided instructions.

-Battery Operated (4-C, Required)

-Included AC Power Adapter (AC-04)

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