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Bed Rail Protector Pads Vinyl

Brand: Skil-Care

For those caregivers who prefer to use bed rails to prevent bed falls and to provide assistance in resident re-positioning the Classic Vinyl Bed Rail Pads are an ideal choice. They have 38cm high pads to provide maximum cushioning. The pads extend below and between the rail and mattress for increased protection. They are foam padded for comfort (5cm thick), covered in double reinforced wipe clean vinyl which is non-allergenic, mildew resistant and antibactereostatic. The velcro closures fasten the pads securely to bed rails.

401100 Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 60"L x 15"W x 2"D PR
401140 Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 72"L x 15"H x 2"D PR
401150 Vinyl Bed Rail Pads 80"L x 15"H x 2"D PR