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Econo Gel Cushion

Brand: Skil-Care

High density foam on the top and the bottom of the cushion provide added comfort. Safety ties keep the cushion in place. The fluid proof vinyl cover protects against incontinence. The polyester outer cover reduces skin shear. Vinyl cover is bacteriostatic. Cloth outer cover is launderable. Clinical Rationales: 1.Prevention of pressure ulcers. 2. Avoidance of infection. 3. Redistribution of pressure with proper positioning. 4. Reduction of friction and shear forces. High density foam layers on top & bottom to increase comfort & stability.Gel-filled pod between foam layers provides pressure relieving flotation.Fluid-proof vinyl cover protects against incontinence & wipes clean.Complete with polyester outer cover to reduce skin shear. Two- tone fabric serves as a reminder to reposition patient. Safety ties keep the cushion in place.