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HipSaver QuickChange High Compliance With Tailbone Protector


Brand: HipSaver

Protection for both hips plus tailbone protection for backwards falls. When people fall, there's no guarantee that they will fall directly to one side, sometimes they fall backwards. A backwards fall can give your tailbone a good crack and even if you don't literally 'crack your tailbone', sitting down hard and bruising your tailbone can make sitting down at all miserable. HipSaver Quick Change high Compliance with Tailbone protector has all of the features and benefits of the HipSaver Nursing Home with Tailbone Protection model but with the convenience of a snap down crotch panel, which allows incontinence pads and diapers to be changed easily and quickly and without having to pull the brief down. The pads are permanently sewn into the garment. All HipSaver garments and pads are laundry safe for washing and drying up to 95'C.