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HipSaver SlimFit High Compliance With Tailbone Protector


Brand: HipSaver

When people fall, there's no guarantee that they will fall directly to one side; sometimes they fall backwards. A backwards fall can give your tailbone a good crack and even if you don't literally 'crack your tailbone', sitting down hard and bruising your tailbone can make sitting down at all miserable.HipSaver with Tailbone Protection helps prevent tailbone injury and keep 'sitting' a comfortable experience.HipSaver Nursing Home, QuickChange, and SlimFit models are each available to special order with sewn-in tailbone protection. Adding HipSaver With Tailbone Protection to your HipSaver garments gives you or your charges protection for both hips PLUS protection for falls backwards.HipSaver With Tailbone Protection is specially sewn into HipSaver garments and is therefore not available in HipSaver Starter Kits.Note: Clinical trials have not yet been performed on tailbone protection. However, the pads used in HipSaver With Tailbone Protection are of the same superior construction as all HipSaver garments and are sewn in place to offer you the same ease of use and comfort that you find in all HipSaver Products. Only HipSaver Hip Protectors deliver the comfort and convenience of all-soft AirPad Technology that provides superior hip protection. Laundry safe - even at high institutional laundry temperatures (up to 95'C)Lightweight for comfort whether walking or sitting.Latex free protective padding that's tapered for comfort and just 13mm thick. HipSaver's research & development team exerts a continuing effort to provide our customers with the finest quality materials and process. When you purchase HipSaver products, you are purchasing the best hip protection available. Protection for both hips PLUS protection for falls backwards.