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LimbO Toe Cozy

Color: Pink
Brand: LimbO

The Toe Cozy Cast Sock can be adjusted for maximum comfort.
The Toe Cozy Cast Sock provides a solution to the age old problem of keeping your toes warm while wearing a cast. This has been a problem in the past for people with a leg plaster cast as it can be difficult to find a standard sock that will fit. The Toe Cozy achieves this simply and effectively. Made from a high quality double layer fleece the Toe Cozy keeps feet warm, clean and protected. Can be machine washed at 40 degrees with standard washing detergent. No bleach. Tumble dry at lowest setting (Heat can affect the Velcro)

100% Polyester.


Small – UK shoe size 4 - 7

Large – UK shoe size 8 – 14


Blue or Pink