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Pager and Two Call Buttons Kit for the Elderly


Increased Caregiver Freedom


The TL-5102TP is a Stand Alone Personal Paging System and includes two Call Buttons and one Caregiver Pager.  When pressed, the Nurse Call Buttons send a wireless signal to the pager, alerting the caregiver that assistance is required. This simple, streamlined system allows you to eliminate in-room alarm noise and with a range of up to 100m, caregivers have the freedom they need.


Easy Push-Button Operation


The call buttons can be worn about the neck using the provided lanyard strap or wall-mounted using the provided plastic cradle for easy access.


Versatile Pocket-Sized Pager


The Caregiver Pager has two audible sounds to choose from and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.


Key Features


-Insert batteries and it’s ready to use

-Audible alert pager with adjustable tone

-Range up to 100m.

-Lanyard Strap & Wall-Mounting Cradle Included

-Pager Battery Operated (2-AA)

Download Sell Sheet (Click Here)


If you require installation and user training, please call us on +61 492 835 058 or send a message via Contact Us, our sales team will contact you shortly.