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Wireless Pulse Oximeter


iHealth is a leading supplier of  Pulse Oximeters Australia wide. It’s the health device tool that accurately measures your blood oxygen level, pulse rate and perfusion index. Clinically tested and TGA registered, you can feel confident you’re purchasing a Grade A product. Wireless and lightweight, the pulse oximeter can be worn on a lanyard during activities and quickly clipped to your finger for a reading anytime and anywhere.


When using the pulse oximeter, its supreme versatility allows you to view your results immediately on the device screen. You can also simultaneously track those results using iHealth's free mobile health app. It has never been easier to monitor your health progress on the go.


Retailing for only $139.95, this high quality device will provide you with the certainty you need to keep your health on track.


Detect health troubles early with the Pulse Oximeter


Health issues can happen instantaneously and at any given moment. If you’re experiencing breathing problems, the Pulse Oximeter Australia can come to your rescue.


How does it work?

A pulse oximeter works by emitting beams of light through your fingers and determining the blood oxygen levels based on light absorption. A normal blood oxygen reading is usually between 95 to 100% and is considered safe. Anything below this figure may be an indication of breathing and respiratory issues. Having a handy device like this nearby provides you with the extra peace of mind you deserve.

Save money with our online bundle packages

At iHealth Labs, we love to help save you money where we can. When you navigate our website, you’ll find a large array of special deals to help get you on the right health track.


Blood Pressure + Pulse Oximeter

Measure blood pressure and oxygen saturation rate in one pack

FEEL (BP5) Wireless Blood Pressure Arm Monitor

AIR (PO3M) Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Calculate your health data, track your results and securely share them with your health professional. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information.


If you require installation and user training, please call us on +61 492 835 058 or send a message via Contact Us, our sales team will contact you shortly.