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Womens Adaptive Arthritis Easy Closure Terry Cloth Slippers

Size & Color

Affordable Easy Touch Slippers are easier for those with limited hand dexterity or arthritis. They are made of soft velour, and have cushioned inner soles. Removable, cushioned insole. The skid slip resistant soles can help prevent elderly falls. Terrific for those with arthritis. These bedroom or house slippers by Silvert make a terrific gift for home care, hospital or nursing home settings.

Sizing. As shoe sizes can vary between manufacturers we strongly recommend you measure the foot from the tip of the big toe to the heel and choose the appropriate sizing when ordering. (the easiest way to measure is to stand on a piece of paper in bare feet and mark with a pen the tip of the toe and the heel on the paper. Then measure between the two marks on the paper with a ruler in cm). Important Sizing Note: The Arthritis Easy Closure Slippers are very small sizes . Please ensure when ordering you choose your correct sizing by measuring your foot.